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June 1, 2018

June Newsletter

  • MGAC Interviews 8th Bridge Capital's Managing Director, Young Kim
  • Received Another I-526 Approval for the Ace Hotel Project
  • Where Do Parents Want Their Kids to Study
  • Manhattan Condos are Still High in Demand
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May 1, 2018

May Newsletter

  • Ace Hotel: I-526 APPROVED
  • Leon Rodriguez: Collaboration on Next EB-5 Project
  • Maturities with No Defaults – Short Term Debt Fund
  • Launching New Luxury Residential Development Platform
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March 1, 2018

March Newsletter

  • I-526 Approval
  • New Loan Transaction Closing
  • Launching of New Exclusive Investor Services
  • Coverage in Dubai and India
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February 1, 2018

February Newsletter

  • Sister City by Ace Hotel
  • Giving Back to Vietnam
  • Coverage in Dubai and India
  • New York EB-5 Project - Hudson West Residences
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January 1, 2018

January Newsletter

  • 8th Bridge Capital LAUNCHES All-New Exclusive EB-5 Project in Manhattan NYC
  • California Lender License APPROVED
  • Cooperation With KELLER WILLIAMS
  • Festive End of Year Party
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